Lower yourself

“The Wickedest Witch in the West” – Penthouse Magazine

Featured on HBO, Penthouse magazine, E! Entertainment television, New Witch Magazine, G4 awards and Reason Magazine. 

Professional Dominatrix

Sex Educator

Specialist in Scene Negotiation and Sex Magick. 

Filmmaker and Creator of Fetish art

Singer, Pianist, Composer

A Goddess, set adrift in a patriarchal world. A woman with innate power, stunning control and breaktaking beauty. What was I to do but bend the world to my will. Here, with me, the old ways are alive and well. Witch by blood, and bitch by choice, I challenge, I punish, I am worshiped

Power has always coursed through me… The power of sexual dynamism all the more so. In a culture with no temples to the Divine Feminine, no priestesses to guide me, I followed the wisdom of my blood. 

I have been besieged with followers from the beginning. It was they who taught me my place as psychopomp and initiator. Reinvigorating the ancient arts of charm, glamor and transformation has brought all the more knowledge into my arsenal. 

I started out as a dedicated sadist. From the realms of the physical I leapt into the vast subconscious – exploring humiliation, degradation and submission. 

I expect to be obeyed, spoiled and satisfied by our time.

I only see clients whose interests align with my interests.

Multi-hour appointments preferred. No half hour appointments.

Spoil me with Amazon or Etsy gift cards.

I have a passion for latex, leather and exotic shoes.

I have an addiction to excellent quality filmmaking equipment and fine musical instruments.

I require gourmet food and indulgences.