Encounters with the Divine Bitch Goddess


Do you long to be useful to an assertive, powerful woman? Do you want to be trained to be properly helpful? Do you need a strong woman to shape you?


Have you been bad and need punishment? Would atonement improve your wellbeing? Do you need your pain to mean something to someone?


Kneeling at the feet of the Goddess and experiencing true surrender and worship can be a deeply fulfilling experience. Do you need the ecstasy of surrender?

Mistress Selina Minx

Are you ready for a custom created BDSM encounter?

No sex, all psychosexual theatre.

BDSM can be an incredible tool for self discovery and adventure.

Take your walk on the dark side with the villainess of your dreams.

See what heights are possible with the endorphin rush of sensation and roleplay.

Let go of who you think you are, and discover the depths of your depravity.

Experience the artistry of fetish with Selina Minx, Dominatrix.

Use the Fantasy Creation Worksheet to Design your Perfect BDSM Encounter

Protocol for Contact

Email or Text Preferred. Phone consultations must be set up in advance. Please include your name, contact information, interests and desired consultation

In-Person Consultations Available

My Dungeon Library is my preferred location and it is in Santa Clarita, California
I adore travel and have regular visits to Boston, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Francisco and San Deigo.


Phone calls by arrangement only

818-470-8355  Best between the hours of 10am - 10pm

Contact Us

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