This shoot is four minutes of pure indulgence.

I’ve actually been dying to share this footage for several months! Earlier this year I had a very generous custom video client who ordered a smoking video. After some very fun back and forth we had concocted a sordid tale of blackmail and reputation assassination as a backstory for this “satisfied smoke” sort of short.

Then we started talking about music and I got so inspired, I got a crew together and hired some dancers. I can’t share all that fun stuff with you yet because we are releasing it as a short film “I Crashed a Funeral: A Short Revenge Fantasy” and I want to send it to a few festivals before I spill the beans on the internet.

So this is the gorgeous, sensuous smoking footage that hit the cutting room floor… but still manages to show off my gorgeous Abigail de Greynus custom latex catsuit.

You can watch me Smoking at the Piano right now if you want.